best italian coffee beans

Top 5 best italian coffee beans

In our minds, nobody beats the Italians when it comes to culinary expertise, yep, we said it, not even the french. There is something about the homely family-vibe of Italian cuisine, and it translates to their coffee too.

The term "Italian roast" means a roast based on Italian beans, that generally has a darker and more full body, most notably the espresso, but there are a ton of different options to brew an Italian roast, and if you're keen on a rich and dark coffee, you should look no further than Italian beans.

We have personally browsed and sampled through a variety of different Italian roasts, and compared them on how well they represented the unique Italian coffee experience, and we even added a pros and cons list to make life easier for you.

The 5 best italian coffee beans

Number 1: illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee

This blend doesn’t pack in too many complex flavors but it stands reliably strong with satisfying and classic coffee flavors. Expect big tasting notes of chocolate and a little bit of smokiness. Plus, unlike many other coffee brands, illy uses 100% high-quality Arabica beans. The biggest drawback to this delicious coffee? It’s as expensive as it tastes.

The world renowned Italian coffee company illy takes our top spot, with their Classico Whole Bean Coffee. This company has a long rich history, with roots going back to early Italian coffee history, and their quality remains practically unequaled.

You won't find a wide variety of complex flavours with this particular brand, instead you will have a reliable classical coffee taste with every brew. In addition to a heavy chocolaty taste, there is a smoky hint in the aroma of this coffee, and the quality is certainly due to the fact that illy uses 100% high-quality Arabica beans. The only minor drawback to this coffee is that it's a bit pricey, but come on, can you REALLY put a price on delicious rich Italian coffee? Well, you can, and this one is unfortunately in the high end.

One of the reasons for the fairly high price, as well as the thing that really brought illy to the top for us, is the fact that they handle all their business through Direct Trade. This is similar to the Fair Trade concept, and basically means that these beans come from direct trading with coffee farmers across the globe. So a huge thumbs up to illy for helping to bring about a more fair and sustainable coffee industry. Quite the homely, family oriented Italian move wouldn't you say?


  • High Quality Arabica Beans
  • Direct Trade coffee beans
  • A rich dark taste


  • Not particularly complex taste
  • Quite pricey

best espresso k cups

Top 5 espresso K-cups - The richest and tastiest

Nothing beats a great cup of espresso. When you get the perfect brew, a fresh creamy top and a rich taste, it's an espress way (pun intended) to heaven. The problem is that most of these perfect creamy espressos are hard to come by, unless you have an italian café around the corner from your house, OR you're lucky enough to have your very own Italian espresso machine. If that's the case, don't waste any more time here, instead check out our list of the best beans for espresso (LINK), or if you feel you can afford it, check out our list of the best Italian espresso machines (LINK).

However, you are probably here in the first place because you own a Keurig coffee maker, maybe neither of the above mentioned options are available to you, or maybe you just don't need the hassle. In any case, a lot of different brands have done their best to give you the perfect at-home espresso coffee experience, and by careful personal sampling and selection, we have picked out the top 5 espresso K-cups for you.

The 5 best espresso K-cups

Number 1 -  Forte Extra Dark Roast from Illy

At the top spot we found the Forte Extra Dark Roast from Illy. This Italian brand lives up to its roots, by producing a delicious full, round and smooth espresso roast with no bitterness. This espresso comes with hints of caramel and dark chocolate, and has a perfect creamy head. We might even say you would have to travel overseas to find espresso like this, but if you wanna save the plane ticket and get traditional italian espresso right in your own home, you'll find that the  Forte Extra Dark Roast from Illy K-cups are quite cheaper, especially if you buy in bulk, and if you love it, why wouldn't you?

Use these K-cups with the Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 coffee machines, and enjoy our pick for the number 1 best espresso K-cups.


  • Dark roast that is never bitter
  • Can be used on all Keurig K-cup machines
  • Real Italian coffee from an acclaimed Italian company
  • Comes in bulk with discount
  • Complex flavours and aromas, and a perfect crema on top


  • A bit pricey but, as mentioned earlier, a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to Italy.

burr coffee grinders

Top 5 burr coffee grinders - Best under 100$

Everybody loves their coffee fresh, and what better way to get fresh coffee than to grind it yourself, with a burr grinder? There are a ton of different burr grinders out there, and as many variables to consider when purchasing a burr grinder. (MERE)

What we've done is sort through all these variables, in an effort to pick out the best 5 burr coffee grinders you can get for 100$ or less. To make things even simpler we've added our own little pros'n'cons list, just in case. So without further ado, browse through our list and discover the perfect coffee grinder for you.

Number 1: De’Longhi Ariete 3017 - The

For the top spot we've chosen the De’Longhi Ariete 3017.

This coffee grinder makes amazing ground coffee, and it's extraordinarily quiet, making for a more relaxin coffee grinding experience. The bean hopper is removable even when it's full of beans, and it's easy to clean, with tight fittings so it doesn't spill. You also have the option of stopping your grinder whenever you want, so if you messed up and picked the wrong setting, you won't loose a whole hopper full of beans.

It comes with various adjustable cup sizes, and has 30 different settings for grind fine- or coarseness, giving you a wealth of opportunities to mix it up and get a different experience every time, as well as the luxury of being able to make a perfect cup of coffee for those friends of yours who are really picky with their brew.

The only immediate problem with this coffee grinder is the buildup of static electricity that occurs due to the plastic parts in the grinder, this will cause the hopper top pop out beans every once in a while then you open it. But other than this, for the money you're paying, you won't find a better burr coffee grinder than the De’Longhi Ariete 3017


  • Variable grinds - up to 30 different settings for unique brews
  • Variable cup sizes - make the cup suited for your immediate needs
  • Quiet - no noisy grinding scaring the pets or neighbours
  • Hopper comes off when full - makes for easy cleaning without wasting beans
  • Grinder can be stopped mid-grind - If you accidentally pick setting 25 instead of 28, no worries, just stop the grinder and start it back up with the right setting


  • Buildup of static electricity - you're not making popcorn, you want your beans to stay in the grinder