Nothing beats a great cup of espresso. When you get the perfect brew, a fresh creamy top and a rich taste, it’s an espress way (pun intended) to heaven. The problem is that most of these perfect creamy espressos are hard to come by, unless you have an italian café around the corner from your house, OR you’re lucky enough to have your very own Italian espresso machine. If that’s the case, don’t waste any more time here, instead check out our list of the best beans for espresso (LINK), or if you feel you can afford it, check out our list of the best Italian espresso machines (LINK).

However, you are probably here in the first place because you own a Keurig coffee maker, maybe neither of the above mentioned options are available to you, or maybe you just don’t need the hassle. In any case, a lot of different brands have done their best to give you the perfect at-home espresso coffee experience, and by careful personal sampling and selection, we have picked out the top 5 espresso K-cups for you.

The 5 best espresso K-cups

Number 1 –  Forte Extra Dark Roast from Illy

At the top spot we found the Forte Extra Dark Roast from Illy. This Italian brand lives up to its roots, by producing a delicious full, round and smooth espresso roast with no bitterness. This espresso comes with hints of caramel and dark chocolate, and has a perfect creamy head. We might even say you would have to travel overseas to find espresso like this, but if you wanna save the plane ticket and get traditional italian espresso right in your own home, you’ll find that the  Forte Extra Dark Roast from Illy K-cups are quite cheaper, especially if you buy in bulk, and if you love it, why wouldn’t you?

Use these K-cups with the Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 coffee machines, and enjoy our pick for the number 1 best espresso K-cups.


  • Dark roast that is never bitter
  • Can be used on all Keurig K-cup machines
  • Real Italian coffee from an acclaimed Italian company
  • Comes in bulk with discount
  • Complex flavours and aromas, and a perfect crema on top


  • A bit pricey but, as mentioned earlier, a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to Italy.