Everybody loves their coffee fresh, and what better way to get fresh coffee than to grind it yourself, with a burr grinder? There are a ton of different burr grinders out there, and as many variables to consider when purchasing a burr grinder. (MERE)

What we’ve done is sort through all these variables, in an effort to pick out the best 5 burr coffee grinders you can get for 100$ or less. To make things even simpler we’ve added our own little pros’n’cons list, just in case. So without further ado, browse through our list and discover the perfect coffee grinder for you.

Number 1: De’Longhi Ariete 3017 – The

For the top spot we’ve chosen the De’Longhi Ariete 3017.

This coffee grinder makes amazing ground coffee, and it’s extraordinarily quiet, making for a more relaxin coffee grinding experience. The bean hopper is removable even when it’s full of beans, and it’s easy to clean, with tight fittings so it doesn’t spill. You also have the option of stopping your grinder whenever you want, so if you messed up and picked the wrong setting, you won’t loose a whole hopper full of beans.

It comes with various adjustable cup sizes, and has 30 different settings for grind fine- or coarseness, giving you a wealth of opportunities to mix it up and get a different experience every time, as well as the luxury of being able to make a perfect cup of coffee for those friends of yours who are really picky with their brew.

The only immediate problem with this coffee grinder is the buildup of static electricity that occurs due to the plastic parts in the grinder, this will cause the hopper top pop out beans every once in a while then you open it. But other than this, for the money you’re paying, you won’t find a better burr coffee grinder than the De’Longhi Ariete 3017


  • Variable grinds – up to 30 different settings for unique brews
  • Variable cup sizes – make the cup suited for your immediate needs
  • Quiet – no noisy grinding scaring the pets or neighbours
  • Hopper comes off when full – makes for easy cleaning without wasting beans
  • Grinder can be stopped mid-grind – If you accidentally pick setting 25 instead of 28, no worries, just stop the grinder and start it back up with the right setting


  • Buildup of static electricity – you’re not making popcorn, you want your beans to stay in the grinder